Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Creditors' rights in bankruptcy

With a team of experienced bankruptcy lawyers in Connecticut, O'Sullivan McCormack Jensen & Bliss focuses on your company's financial interests when litigating against insolvent debtors. Our priority is to collect the debts owed your company in a timely manner to ensure your operations remain uninterrupted. We adeptly handle every aspect of creditor representation within a bankruptcy proceeding:  

  • Advising as to the use of involuntary bankruptcy filings for creditors
  • Presenting and litigating claims on behalf of creditors  
  • Adversary proceedings for fraudulent transfer, preference or lien avoidance  
  • Obtaining relief from the automatic stay

Adversary proceedings

As zealous advocates for our creditor clients, we challenge the dischargeability of debts, often on the basis of fraud, to ensure fair results. We manage every aspect of adversary proceedings to give you peace of mind knowing your rights and interests are prioritized at every stage.

Debtors' rights in bankruptcy

Navigating the complexities of a bankruptcy filing requires assured guidance from experienced attorneys who understand how to obtain the maximum debt relief allowed by bankruptcy laws. The majority of our debtor clients are small businesses and business owners who suffer a personal financial loss related to their business. When faced with a challenging debt situation, we intercede on behalf of debtors to leverage every benefit possible within any type of bankruptcy proceeding:  

  • Provide counsel for Chapter 7, 13 and 11 bankruptcy proceedings  
  • Represent debtors in loan workouts, negotiations with tax authorities in the context of bankruptcy proceedings and litigation in state courts
  • Exemption analysis advising as to whether federal bankruptcy or state exemptions are most beneficial to the debtor