Real Estate Litigation

Counsel from Connecticut property dispute lawyers

Real estate often stands as our clients' most valuable holdings, meaning property disputes become immediate sources of stress and worry. When real estate transactions disintegrate or conflicts arise, our litigation team intercedes with a keen understanding of the valuable investments and professional relationships that are at stake.

Our case history includes significant experience with commercial and residential real estate litigation for businesses, individuals, landowners, developers and contractors. When in our clients' best interests, we leverage our ADR skills to settle legal matters out of court and spare the time and cost of protracted litigation.

If a dispute requires time in the courtroom, however, O'Sullivan McCormack Jensen & Bliss attorneys bring large-firm experience to the table to litigate aggressively in these areas: 

  • Failed real estate transactions
  • Construction disputes
  • Eminent domain
  • Easements
  • Property lines/boundary disputes
  • Quiet title matters
  • Commercial lease disputes